SQL Transaction Log Backups

Like many DBAs I spend a lot of time maintaining my SQL Server backups. From SQL Server I maintain both full backups and transaction log backups. I have often restored my full backups but until recently I have never restored a transaction log backup. All backup strategy’s are only as good as the last time you… Read More »

Development Annoyance

I spend a lot of my time creating new features that simplify my companies business processes. A good example of this is an invoicing system I created. Instead of users working off different spreadsheets and copying and pasting data between various different programs the user can click a couple of buttons and everything is done… Read More »

Star Trek Episode Review “Arena”

Episode Title: Arena Star Trek Type: TOS Original Air Date: 19 January 1967 Teleplay: Gene L Coon Story By: Frederic Brown Directed By: Joseph Pevney The episode begins with the Enterprise in orbit of Cestus III. Commodore Travers requests a tactical team join the away team. When the away team beam down Cestus III has been… Read More »