The Hunted, TNG S3 E11, The Battle Bridge

My latest podcast can be found and feedback can be left on the trekmate forums While the Enterprise-D is reviewing a seemingly idyllic planet’s application for Federation membership, an escaped prisoner leads its crew to discover an ugly secret: the government’s shameful treatment of its war veterans. Today James and Lou discuss (The Hunted) and what… Read More »

Copying settings to an Azure Website

The Software as a Service (SaaS) website that I work on has been sold to lots of clients now. Which is great news. However the more Azure websites we have, the more websites we have to administer, especially if like us you take advantage of Traffic Manager which requires multiple website in different regions. Azure… Read More »

Adding Internet Connection Resiliency

I have been asked to investigate adding a fail over internet connection to one of our offices. Currently this office is connected via a wireless link with our head office. Unfortunately we have recently experienced some poor performance with this connection, this has now been corrected but like all technology there is the chance of… Read More »

Unmanaged Database Deployment

For the past few months I have been deploying changes to my companies database every couple of weeks or so. Over a weekend when the database was not being used I would make a backup of the database, load up visual studio, deploy the database changes and copy a couple of front-end files. My weekends… Read More »

How complex are my stored procedures?

Recently me and my development team have been looking at performance and how to improve it. One area of improvement we have identified is with our stored procedures, which we plan to rewrite. But how do we identify which are the easiest to rewrite and which are the hardest? My first thought was maybe to… Read More »