How complex are my stored procedures?

Recently me and my development team have been looking at performance and how to improve it. One area of improvement we have identified is with our stored procedures, which we plan to rewrite. But how do we identify which are the easiest to rewrite and which are the hardest? My first thought was maybe to… Read More »

Upper Pylon 2 – 1 x 09: The Passenger

I recorded another podcast the other week it can be found and feedback about it can be left on the trekmate forums This week on Upper Pylon 2, we are joined by our first UK guest, Simon (aka funkysi1701) as we take a look at the Bashir-centric “mystery” episode, “The Passenger.” When a former prisioner,… Read More »

Writing better Git commit messages

I always use source control for my coding changes, however some of my commit messages leave something to be desired. I always try to write a commit message but I often think that the change themselves should be enough to indicate what I did. I also don’t need to include who made the change or the… Read More »